Subaru XV

een sportieve terreinwagen

Subaru XV een sportieve terreinwagen

De Subaru XV is a crossover with a modern edge. Its sleek aerodynamic profile, temperamental character and great versatility, provide you with the unique resources and features to take you wherever your lifestyle takes you. Sculpted lines and creases on the body help direct airflow for greater fuel efficiency, and the forward-swept windshield brings an aggressive style with improved visibility—combining real-world practicality with ideal-world design. With its compact exterior dimensions ideal for cruising through town and the spacious, flexible interior, you can go anywhere and bring anyone or anything along.  


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    Balance and stability

    Just like every Subaru the XV is also outfitted with the exclusive combination of Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and the Subaru BOXER engine, which delivers gratifying power with exceptional traction, and provides balance and stability for total control in ever-shifting road conditions. 


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    Many of the functions that make the Subaru XV drive so sensationally, are also responsible for the safety of the vehicle. The stable, responsive driving features caused by its Symmetrical AWD, are enhanced by the low center of gravity of the Subaru BOXER engine. The Anti-lock Braking System and the highly responsive steering, further contribute to the driver’s ability to remain in control of the vehicle. 

  • 7-3-1

    With the high seating position and the dynamic, forward swept rectangular side windows, the Subaru XV is designed in such a way that the driver has an excellent view of his surroundings. The reinforced frame, dual airbags in front and the seat belts, ensure that the passengers are well protected at all times. The XV is also equipped with a rearview camera and a bluetooth compatible hands-free system for your mobile phone.

Cargo space

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    The volume of the cargo space is more than sufficient to stow away all your luggage for a weekend out of town. The 60/40 split rear seats easily fold individually or together to give you even more space. The almost square tailgate opening and the flat floor bed when the rear seats are folded down, make loading and unloading easy.  The XV is perfectly suited to a life filled with action.


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    Subaru XV 2.0i Premium: Horizontally opposed, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, Petrol Boxer engine / 2.0L Multi-point sequential injection / 2000 cc / 110 HP at 6200 rpm / Lineartronic transmission – automatic/manual